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Outstaffing Services
Your own remote team

Forget about the hassle of the recruitment process with Pharos Solutions’ Remote Team. We match you with local developers at the best prices to help your business grow. We take the burden off your shoulders and handle all the legal requirements including paperwork, hiring, social insurance etc. You manage the resources on a technical level, while we handle the rest for you.

Skilled outstaffing remote team collaborating on software development

Like having a branch in Egypt - without the organizational part

Whether you need to hire a team of highly-qualified developers, or establish your own software development house in Egypt, Pharos Solutions is your digital partner. We provide your business with highly skilled local developers at the best prices to help you establish and grow your own team in Egypt. Reduce the operational and strategic cost of your business by partnering with Pharos Solutions.

Transparent and
clear process
Strict filtering process to interview only suitable Developers
Smooth Team Formation Processes based on your Decision
Fast and Adaptable Onboarding Process with Efficient Communication


How do we do it?

Step 1

You send us the job description of the resources you need.

Step 2

We gather and filter the CVs of the candidates and conduct the first interviews.

Step 3

We share the shortlisted candidates’ CVs with you including our rating and feedback and the costs.

Step 4

You conduct an interview with the candidates you choose, and if multiple interviews are needed, that’s not a problem at all.

Step 5 

Found the perfect candidate? We take care of the hiring.

Step 6

We handle all the social insurance and other legal documents and requirements.

Always wanted to have your own offshore Team?

Why Pharos Solutions


Your unique requirements for remote teams matter to us. We offer flexible solutions that prioritize finding the most suitable model for a long-term partnership based on our shared vision.

Experience and Expertise

You can trust us to deliver software solutions that meet the highest quality standards due to our team’s extensive experience in meeting European and international regulations and quality standards. 

Cultural Knowledge

It is important to us to understand different cultures and expectations. In addition to our team’s excellent language skills we are used to working in different countries spreading the knowledge about cultural differences within the team to guarantee smooth cooperation in all of our projects.

Access to Top Talent

Discover the exceptional talent pool of skilled software developers in Egypt with our remote team services. Experience the advantage of swiftly and efficiently expanding your team by accessing the finest talent that perfectly matches your specific requirements.

Excellent Employer Reputation

Our strong employer reputation acts as a magnet for the best candidates in the industry. We take pride in attracting and retaining highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for your business. With us, you can be confident that you’ll have a stable team committed to your success.

Strategic Location

Collaborate with ease, thanks to our strategic location in Alexandria, providing us access to a talent pool of highly skilled experts. Our time zone, which is a maximum of one hour ahead of Germany, allows for effective communication and seamless collaboration.


This is what our customers say

Working together with Pharos Solutions doesn't feel like working with an agency; They are part of our team. They perfectly understand our business requirements, have high technical skills in addition to great communication and an exceptional understanding of responsibility. We truly recommend working with them.
David Magenheim
Project Manager at PaperShift
Pharos Solutions is playing a big role in the TutAll Software development. I really appreciate their uncomplicated cooperation and reliable implementation of specifications.
Martin Deutsch
Co-Founder of TutALL
Outsourcing an isolated part of a big project to Pharos Solutions was challenging. Despite the project complexity, there was smooth cooperation all along. Pharos developers proved their accuracy and on time reaching of milestones. We can definitely count on Pharos Solutions' resources and look forward to future projects together.
Martin Schmidt
Co-Founder of OfferReady

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