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Staff Augmentation
Your Stress-Free Team Extension

Empower your business with our expert developers seamlessly integrated into your development team. Pharos Solutions excels in staff augmentation, providing flexible and efficient developers who are fully equipped to extend your team, especially during high-demand periods.

Software developers working together as part of staff augmentation to a client

Fill Gaps and Cover Peak Times with Our Staff Augmentation Model

Our highly-qualified developers are ready to join your team,  on an hourly or monthly basis with minimum commitment from your side, yet with maximum commitment on our side as our stable teams handle your projects with full dedication. We ensure a smooth knowledge transfer so that you can stay on track.

An effectively flexible approach

Staff Augmentation Flexibility
A Great Deal of Flexibility
Staff Augmentation Cost reduction
Staff Augmentation On-demand Developers
Developers Available
Staff Augmentation Stable Teams
Staff Augmentation Switching
Ability to Switch to Different Models


Here's how it works

Pharos Solutions Staff Augmentation Workflow Step 1

Step 1

Share your business needs with us.
We suggest a plan on how to fill the gaps within our team capacities.

Pharos Solutions Staff Augmentation Workflow Step 2

Step 2

Get to know the candidates.

Pharos Solutions Staff Augmentation Workflow Step 3

Step 3

Allocating the Team and Project Start.

Pharos Solutions Staff Augmentation Workflow Step 4

Step 4

Regular updates of allocation based on short-term needs.

Pharos Solutions Staff Augmentation Workflow Step 5

Step 5

We ensure the stability of the team and monitor their performance while always having an open ear for feedback and adjustments.

Why Pharos Solutions

Fast, Reliable, and Cost-effective

You can rely on us to deliver high-quality outcomes while maintaining your budget. Our team extension services can swiftly and reliably provide you with cost-effective options to fill gaps in your team.

Healthy Work Environment

To guarantee highest quality on your project, we foster a work culture that values transparency, stability, flexibility, and ownership. Our highly skilled and motivated team members are dedicated to producing outstanding results for your benefit.

Experience and Expertise

You can rely on us to deliver high-quality software solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to our team’s vast experience in software development, we also have extensive knowledge of compliance with European and international regulations and quality standards.

Access to Egypt's Top Talent Pool

Gain access to Egypt’s top talent pool of skilled software developers through our team extension services. We bring you the opportunity to scale up your team quickly and effectively, tapping into the best talent available for your specific requirements.

Convenient Time Zone

Expect timely and convenient coordination that keeps your project on track and meets your deadlines. Our location in a time zone that’s a maximum of one hour ahead of Germany ensures that your work schedules align with ours.

Customizable Team Size

Adjust the size of your dedicated team to your individual project requirements. Whether you need a long-term or short-term solution, we will find the right experts and assemble the team in the shortest possible time.

We speak Tech
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Our dedicated team of developers has been successfully handling the projects of leading companies across industries. We strongly believe that the success of any dedicated development team relies on expertise, skills, and mindset. These are our core competencies, but we are not limited to those. Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do for you.






Success Stories

Not only these companies
enjoy the deal of flexibility + commitment

Working together with Pharos Solutions doesn't feel like working with an agency; They are part of our team. They perfectly understand our business requirements, have high technical skills in addition to great communication and an exceptional understanding of responsibility. We truly recommend working with them.
David Magenheim
Project Manager at PaperShift
Pharos Solutions is playing a big role in the TutAll Software development. I really appreciate their uncomplicated cooperation and reliable implementation of specifications.
Martin Deutsch
Co-Founder of TutALL
Outsourcing an isolated part of a big project to Pharos Solutions was challenging. Despite the project complexity, there was smooth cooperation all along. Pharos developers proved their accuracy and on time reaching of milestones. We can definitely count on Pharos Solutions' resources and look forward to future projects together.
Martin Schmidt
Co-Founder of OfferReady

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