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Application Development
Apps Done Right

Developing a digital product can be complex, but Pharos Solutions simplifies the process. With our outstanding application development services, we offer unwavering support from requirement analysis to going live. As your trusted partner, we ensure fulfilling your business software needs at every stage.

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Empowering your Business with our Application Development Services

At Pharos Solutions, we specialize in providing individual and reliable application development services. Having over a decade-long experience, we deliver solutions that meet clients’ needs and encourage business growth and expansion. We ensure competitive pricing, top-notch quality, and on-time delivery for our clients. We lead the entire development process, offering our clients a full cycle from ideation and concept to delivery and ongoing support.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers build high-quality apps for both Android and iOS systems including backend aligned with your business requirements. Our dedicated Android and iOS teams have expertise in the latest technologies to ensure security, scalability, maintainability, and user experience based on Google’s and Apple’s guidelines. 

Web App Development

Our team delivers user-friendly and responsive web apps that are professionally and cost-effectively programmed. If you are looking for a Marketplace, a booking tool, an internal system or any other kind of web application, we are the right partner for you!



Through our reliable Digitization and Digitalization solutions, our clients have experienced better work and production processes, more effective customer acquisition, and better networking of employees and partners. Such challenges are best overcome with an experienced partner. At Pharos Solutions, we have carried out digitization projects in various industries, such as e-Learning and education, transportation, archaeology, e-Government, and more. 

Why Pharos Solutions

Full-cycle Application Development

Realize your vision for a fully functional app by leveraging our team of expert developers who can seamlessly jump in at any stage of the development process. We are ready to help you build an app that precisely meets your specific needs.

Individualized, Reliable Solutions

Understanding your unique business requirements is our priority to provide individualized solutions you can rely on. Count on us to deliver a software solution that is tailored to your needs and ensures reliable performance.

Competitive Pricing and On-time Delivery

Stay within your budget without compromising on quality. Our commitment is to deliver top-quality software solutions that are competitively priced and adhere to agreed-upon deadlines. Experience the satisfaction of on-time delivery without sacrificing excellence.

Partnership Approach

Partner closely with us to achieve your application development goals. Our team seamlessly integrates with yours, ensuring a cohesive collaboration that drives efficient and effective results. Together, we create custom apps that surpass expectations.

Healthy Work Environment

To guarantee the highest quality of your project, we foster a work environment that values transparency, stability, flexibility, and ownership. Our team members are highly skilled, motivated, and committed to delivering exceptional results.

Experience and Expertise

Trust us to deliver software solutions that not only meet but exceed the highest quality standards due to our extensive experience in meeting European and international regulations and quality standards.

Application Development Done Right - How We Work


Pharos Solutions Staff Augmentation Workflow Step 1

1. Project Initiation

Holding a workshop with all stakeholders from the customer side and Pharos Solutions to ensure in-depth understanding of clients’ business needs, product vision, current workflows, and pain points.

Pharos Solutions Staff Augmentation Workflow Step 2

2. Design and Prototyping

Defining the overall project architecture and creating  a fundamental visual guide along with clickable prototypes.

3. Application Development

Based on the technologies defined together with the customer, we implement the defined goals within the agreed time-frame.

Pharos Solutions Staff Augmentation Workflow Step 4

4. Testing and Quality Assurance

Ensuring high-quality deliverables and an optimal end-user experience through test plans and ongoing testing during the entire development life-cycle.

Pharos Solutions Staff Augmentation Workflow Step 3

5. Publishing and Deployment

Handling the packaging, configuration, and installation of your web and mobile apps, and your project is eventually live and ready for its users.

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6. Maintenance and Support

Providing software maintenance including changes and updates to keep your applications running smoothly.

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