Learning Management System

Virtual classroom, file sharing, interactive online quizzes & assignments, and many other features that provide students with a seamless learning experience, and help your school implement distance learning.

One Platform for all your School Community

Skoolix is a smart solution that helps your school implement distance learning
and provides an interactive online learning experience for your students


A complete digital learning solution that helps schools to apply distance learning and retain classes’ performance during challenging times. Also, it helps in tracking performance, generating reports, connecting with parents individually or in groups.


A simple tool for teachers to control their classroom online or onsite, create online assignments, quizzes, send learning files, and make live sessions for their students. It also helps them easily reach parents and send class updates and reports effortlessly.



Skoolix provides parents with a full overview of their children's performance, school news, and class activities including homework, exams, attendance, exams grades, and much more.


Skoolix provides students with an interactive learning experience and helps them keep up their performance at school onsite or online during challenging times. They can attend their classes online, get access to all learning materials, submit homework, solve online quizzes, and much more.

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Everything you need to manage your school virtually

All-in-one Solution for National, International, British Schools in Egypt. Web-Portal and Mobile Application for all devices types


Provide an Interactive Learning Experience

Increase class' productivity by offering online learning materials, homework reminders, online quizzes through the app, which provides a better educational experience and help your school stay prepared for any sudden changes that require distance learning.


Increase Involvement & Engagement

Save time and effort getting replies from your school parties for any important topic. Facilitate the reservation process for courses and activities at school. Ensure parental involvement in all class’ needs, including lessons, grades, attendance, behavior, performance, and much more


Unify your School Communication

Forget the hassle of dealing with multiple Whatsapp groups and other channels to make your school community up to date with the latest news and announcements. You can now reach everyone in your school instantly and keep them well connected. All in one single app.

Skoolix key features

Messages & News

Forget the hassle of lost letters and always Keep your school connected. Simply send messages, news, or special notes with a certain group, class or individual parents.

Files & Materials

Keep up your class performance no matter what's happening by simply sharing learning materials and files with all students in your class through the app.

Grades & Reports

No more hidden or unsigned results! Now parents, students, and teachers can get instant access to exams' scores and schools can easily generate and export reports.

Votes & Polls

Increase parental, students, or teachers involvement for all class’ needs and ensure their fast response in all topics. Simply create polls for any needed topic and share it with specific users.

Gallery & Media

Class memories are within your hands, from daily activities, trips, events and festivals to graduation. All users get access to photos and videos with the ability to engage with media

Personal Calendar

Never miss an important date! Organized and well-sorted calendar where school can share exams schedules, time-table, mark absent days, upload holidays and announce events, meetings or trips.


Keep parents aware of their child's attendance and lateness, and help teachers know if some students missed quizzes or lessons. School can easily generate attendance and lateness reports anytime.


Help students never miss a homework. All assignments are applied on the app by the school admins or teachers and sent daily to students and their parents, with the ability to check the history for past homework.

Tests & Quizzes

Stay up to date with the new learning methods and provide an interactive learning experience. Teachers can create tests & quizzes on the app and students can solve them & get their scores.


Ensure fair booking for limited seats activities or groups and speed up the reservation process while keeping it more organized. Users can reserve, confirm, or decline an upcoming event, activity, or trip.

Why choose Skoolix

Implement distance learning at your School

Smart and interactive education system


One simple platform for all your School Needs

Save time and efforts producing reports

What we offer


You're a part of our community! Take advantage of all new features
we develop and our ongoing product enhancements

Different Apps & Multiple Languages

We offer Web Admin Panel and two different mobile applications: Teachers and Parents/Students, available for iOS & Android.
Skoolix app is available in 4 languages: Arabic, English, French, and German

Privacy & Security

Only authorized users have access to the app, It’s protected
by secure login, user's validation, and End-to-end encryption


Stay confident that you will receive the most efficient,
user-friendly, and German quality application

Trainings for Teachers & Admins

We offer full training for schools' teachers and admins for FREE,
including best practices for elearning and system usage.

Continuous Support

We have a dedicated account manager to handle all your
requests and give you the needed support.

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