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Online Rental Property Management Software

The simplest way to manage your rentals online.

Immofred is an all-in-one solution for private landlords and small property managers and helps to dispense with tiresome Excel spreadsheets. Service charge settlement, accounting, and property management can be handled on one portal and curated service providers can be commissioned. Information from rental agreements ( Apportionment formula, etc.) can be entered and rental agreements that have been created can be used as templates. The integrated accounting tool gets by without technical terms and shows an overview of rental income and other income/expenses. If desired, the service charge statement can be created automatically. Whether from smartphone, tablet, or laptop, in a few minutes all properties are created, and renting is fun again.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to build a simple and comprehensive portal that gives landlords all features, documents and facilities needed to rent out their properties with high data security standards.

The platforms

The system consists of a web application optimized for different mobile usage.

The Result

Landlords love that Immofred is so easy to use, saves their time, and helps them generate more revenue. With one access for all work and tasks related to the rental property.

Cooperation Model

The dedicated developers from Pharos Solutions together with Immofred developers have formed a very harmonic team to work on the project.

Immofred key features

  • Property management with document management
  • User management and access rights
  • Multi-client management capability
  • Integration with service providers for your properties
  • Available apartments rental management with the ability to advertise
    for vacancies on popular real estate portals like ImmobilienScout24
  • Simple creation of the service charge settlement.
  • Automatic control of rental payments
  • Check invoices and manage bookings
  • Full control over cash flows with a quick overview of revenue and expenses.
  • Clear presentation of your return, vacancy rate, and additional costs.
  • Housing costs optimization; Examination of the exchange of electricity, gas, oil and insurance contracts.

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Customer's Feedback

Marek Wozny - CEO and Co-Founder of Immofred

" In our start-up phase, it was important for us to have a development partner under German law and on an equal footing. Pharos' DDT approach enabled us to build up our "own" team with sufficient scalability. Furthermore, I can only recommend mutual visits in Germany and Alexandria. Great team and very committed to their tasks. "

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