Logo adegu

Adegu, Toronto, Canada

Headquartered in Ontario, Kanada, Adegu Canada Inc. are specialists in development of wireless automation and innovative mobile solutions. Pharos Solutions and Adegu are the creators of waveNconnect

Logo AHK

AHK – Auslandshandelskammer

The “Deutsche Auslandshandelskammern” are the international German Chambers of Commerce, short AHK. They are located in all countries which are important for the German economy and of particular interest. The AHK in Germany and Egypt is a valuable partner, not only when it comes to applying for visas for our employees for Pharos Solutions.

Logo Connect Ads

Connect Ads, Cairo

Connect Ads, located in Cairo, Maadi, is one of the biggest Marketing Agencies in the MENA-Region. The focus on marketing activities lies in the digital sector and interactive innovations. Therefor Connect Ads is Sales Partner for our product waveNconnect. During our long partnership they equipped many booths on different exhibitions with solutions of waveNconnect.

Logo CyberForum

Cyber Forum, Karlsruhe

Founded in 1997 as Private-Public-Partnership in Karlsruhe the Cyberforum e.V. now has over 900 members. It is considered one of the largest most successful high-tech entrepreneurial networks in Germany and the region. Pharos Solutions values the diversity of information and networking events that the Cyber Forum e.V. provides and also its continuous support to start-ups in the IT business.

Logo flessio

Flessio, Ravensburg

flessio – experts in web development, system integration and individual hosting. Its name stands for FLExibility and progress (lat. ProgreSSIO). The young and dynamic team works contemporary and customer-oriented – Security and privacy are particularly important to the Team. flessio is an important partner of Pharos Solutions in the field of web development. Together they already mastered several projects – and always satisfied their customers.

Logo IHK

IHK, Karlsruhe

The IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer) is an economic organization for the economy. Together with its member companies they take responsibility in their regions and help to create good conditions for prosperity and growth. Pharos Solutions is a member of the IHK Karlsruhe.

Logo KIT

KIT, Karlsruhe

“The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was founded to guide and help Entrepreneurs with new ideas wanting to start a business, scientists who would like to get their research into action and also to companies with innovative ideas.

Pharos Solutions values her partnership with the CIE at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (former University of Karlsruhe). We also cherish the excellent networking platform the CIE provides, e.g. Pharos Solutions is regularly participant of the monthly founder’s BBQ.

Logo Software-Cluster


The software cluster is Europe’s most powerful network of companies and educational research institutions in the field of software development. The cluster extends in the southwest of Germany and contains the cities of Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Saarbrücken and Walldorf.

Logo Tut-All

Tut-All Software GmbH

The Tut-All Software GmbH is an innovative company based in Ettlingen. They develop competent solutions in the field of electronic training and tutorial creation. Their tutorial software offers companies the opportunity to create software trainings and manuals quickly, easily and effectively.

Tut-All is also a software service provider for projects in Java. Here Tut-All and Pharos Solutions are working very closely together and offer a wide variety of models, for example, one Tut-All expert on site, and an Egyptian Team in the back office.