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Product Comparison Online Portal

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DieProduktsuche is an online product comparison portal that simplifies product research and analyzes all relevant sources to determine the top 10 leaderboards. This product comparison tool gives the user helpful purchasing advice and product recommendations so he would be able to find the best products that perfectly match his needs and filter them e.g. by price.

The Challenge

Handling large amounts of data that come from different crawlers, store, analyze, and sort them.

The platforms

The product comparison tool is available as a web portal.

The Result

Users are provided with filtered and sorted information about a certain product of interest. This information coming from many different sources is created after the evaluation of test reports, customer reviews, and recommendations in expert forums.

Cooperation Model

The developers from Pharos Solutions together with DieProduktsuche Co-Founder have formed a very harmonic team to work on the project.

DieProduktsuche key features

  • Crawl various test-reports URLs written by experts to extract top 10 products per URL and map them to Amazon products through Amazon product advertising API to get information about the product (latest offers, price, details,..)
  • Analysis of the text inside the test reports: Perform Sentiment Analysis to extract the best & worst properties/features of the respective product and apply Machine Learning algorithm to constantly improve results
  • Crawl various review portals and recommendations from specialist forums to extract rating and reviews given by users of the shop/review portal
  • Analysis of the text of the user reviews: Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning are also performed here to extract the best & worst properties of the respective product based on the shop user’s point of view.

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